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Saturday, January 5, 2008

3D Title in Flash

Using this tutorial, you have a chance to learn how to make 3D title in flash using some special flash tips and tricks.You can use this tutorial when you have to create some 3D logo, text in flash. You don't have to use action script code to make this tutorial. You will also learn:

1. How to use Free Transform Tool to make a 3D effect
2. How to apply a drop shadow effect to the title and much more!


Step 1

Open a new flash document.

Step 2

Take the Text Tool (A) and type something. You can alos if you like draw some object,logo, on which you want to apply this 3D effect. For this example, I have drawn this:

Step 3

If you have typed some text, press twice time Ctrl+B key on the keyboard (Break apart) to break apart that text. Now, you have to get this:

Step 4

While the text, object, logo... is still selected, take the Free Transform Tool (Q) and select Distort icon. See the picture below.

Then, Hold down Shift on your keyboard, click and start dragging your mouse to the right. See the picture below and everything will be clear.

Now, you have this:

Step 5

While the text, logo, object... is still selected, press F8 key (Convert to Symbol) to convert it into a Movie Clip Symbol.

Step 6

Take the Selection Tool (V) and click once on the text, object, logo... (new made Movie Clip) to select it. After that, go to the Properties Panel (Ctrl+F3) below the stage and click on Filters tab. Then, click on the plus icon and select Drop Shadow filter. After that, make the adjustements as follows:

Blur XY: 6
Strenght: 80
Color: black

Now, you have this:

Step 7

Take again the Selection Tool (V) and select again the text, logo, object, and go again to the Properties Panel.Then, click again click on Filters tab, click on the plus icon and select Glow filter. After that, make the adjustements as follows:

Blur XY: 8
Strenght: 100
Color: #252525

Now, you have this:

We're done!


Love smiley drawing

Read this tutorial and see how to create love smiley in few steps on a simple way. This tutorial is also introduction for following tutorial in which I will show how to animate that smiley. Go!

Step 1

Create a new flash document, take the Oval Tool (O), under Stroke Color choose black and from Properties Panel (Ctrl+F3) under Stroke height choose 3 px. Under Fill Color choose red , hold down Shift key, and draw a "circle".

Step 2

While your Oval Tool (O) is still active, under Stroke Color choose black, under Fill Color white and draw the "eyes" like it is shown on the picture below.

Step 3

Take the Line Tool (N), and in the "eyes" , draw a "heart". Look at the picture below!

Step 4

Now, it time for "mouth". While your Line Tool is still active, draw this:

Step 5

It's time for type. Using Line Tool, draw "Love" type. Look at the picture below!

Step 6

Take the Paint Bucket Tool (K), and paint your type in pink. See the picture below.

We're done!

Modeling a Minaret in Swift3D

This tutorial will teach how to model a minaret, which is one of the most distinctive features of Islamic architecture and an important element in the structure of a mosque. Fans of of Prince of Persia shall instantly recognise its shape.

Example of End Result

This is a beginner tutorial, you will not be required to have extensive knowledge on how to use Swift3D to be able to follow this tutorial.

Quick UI highlight

Here is a screenshot of the user interface with the main parts of it highlighted for beginner users. If I mention a certain toolbar, you can look it up in this image if you do not know where it is.


Modeling the dome of the Minaret

We are going to use the Lathe Editor to model our minaret, click on the Lathe Editor tab on the Main Toolbar.

Lathe Editor

The Lathe Editor is a tool in Swift3D that lets you draw symmetrical cylindrical shapes by drawing a simple path that is rotated around an axis to result in a 3D model that appears in the Scene Editor. You can learn more about Lathe in this tutorial.

We are going to draw a path in the Lathe Editor to create the dome of our minaret. You will need to click on the Add Point Tool to start drawing.

Add Point Tool

The Lathe Editor will create the 3D dome when we supply a path that illustrates half the dome only. Draw a shape similar to the one below by making left-button clicks in the appropriate places.

Drawing the path

I am sure that you noticed that the line we drew is not smooth at all. We are going to fix that now. I recommend that you zoom in at this stage using the Magnifying Glass icon located on the Main Toolbar, select that tool and then click on the scene. We'll now go back to our job, select the Shape Tool and then select the second point from the top of our path.

Shape Tool
Select the 2nd point from the top

We will make this point part of a curve to make the path smoother, click on the Curve Point button in the Main Toolbar. This should make two more anchor points appear.

Curve Point

While the Shape Tool is still selected, click on one of the anchor points and drag it, you will notice that the path changes its shape. Try moving the anchor point around to get a smooth line that goes along the shape of the minaret. Do the same thing to the other points in our path.

Smoothening the path

Once you are satisfied with the smoothness of your path, you can click on the Scene Editor tab to view the 3D dome of your minaret.

3D Dome

Our dome is a little bit too big, we are going to scale it down. To do this, you will have to select the dome, and then click on the Scale Mode button located on the Main Toolbar.

Scale Tool

When scaling objects in Swift3D it is good to hold the object from its boundaries. As you move the cursor towards the center of the object the object's size decreases and as you move the cursor further from the center of the object the size increases. Scale the dome down to the half its original size.

Scaling Objects in Swift3D

We will now move the dome to the upper part of the Front Viewport. To do this, you will have to click on the dome, and then when the axis sign appears, hold Shift on your keyboard to lock-on a single axis and then use the y-axis to move it upwards.

1/2 the size

That should give us some space in the viewport to work on the shaft of our minaret. You should have the following in your viewports now.

Dome ready

The second part will be added tomorrow !!!!